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We developed a washable reusable face masks specifically for businesses and consumers. Coronavirus has changed the way we live and do business. Communities, businesses, and families need protection from COVID-19 and other viruses. The centers for disease control recommend you wear face coverings to prevent the spread of Covid-19. At Sanctuary Systems we set out to deliver essential PPE to combat the spread of the virus. Before developing our line of washable masks and we discovered that there was a need for a multi-use mask. Businesses were experiencing a large drop in sales and had to reduce costs to be able to stay open. We set out to create a reusable mask so businesses and the public could save money purchasing our masks rather than disposable face masks. Made from durable melt blown polypropylene, one mask alone can be laundered up to fifteen times.

Effective Protection Against Coronavirus

Protect your family, protect the environment, and protect your wallet.

Advanced Face Mask Technology

Developed by university scientists, these comfortable, breathable polyester cloth masks allow you to breathe easy while safeguarding against pollutants.

Washable and Reusable

After wearing, simply wash with antibacterial hand soap and air dry. That’s it! Each mask can be used up to 14 times, that’s 700 uses per box!

Washable Reusable Facemask SSP80

Face Mask Materials


Melt Blown Non-woven Polypropylene

Our melt-blown technology produces a non woven polypropylene polymer that is perfect for filtration. Meltblowing produces materials the is great for filtering air, water, and absorbing liquids. The process is beneficial to anyone that may not want to be exposed to solvents or and solvent residue. Meltblowing is incredibly simple and does not require long periods of time to manufacture. This helps keep production costs down and provides you with a low-cost affordable face mask.


Spunbond Non Woven Polypropylene

The spun bond polypropylene materials produced by Sanctuary Systems are the highest quality non woven material made. We stand by our product and offer a 100% guarantee on our product. Spunbond materials are more porous than melt-blown so they are not ideal for filtration. They are ideal for the outer face mask materials as they can be softer and more fabric-like. Spunbond Polypropylene produces a larger filament in the material so it is more durable than melt blown polypropylene.

Spunbond Polyester

Spun bond polyester produces a material in the same method as spun bond polypropylene. The difference is polyester produces a stronger and more comfortable material. Making it a great choice for apparel manufactures.

Face Mask FAQ


Are the face masks machine washable?

Yes, our washable reusable face masks can be machine washed up to 14 times. After that many washes we recommend you dispose of the mask.

How many times can you wash the face mask?

Up to 14 washes.

Are the masks durable?

Yes, our melt blown process and material combine to make a very durable face mask.

Do you manufacture the face masks in the United States?

Yes, our face masks are 100% made in the USA

Is Sanctuary Systems FDA approved?

Our face masks are not FDA approved. We are currently in the process to become approved.

Do you make single us disposable face masks?

Yes, we also manufacture a single use disposable face mask.

Are your face masks intended for medical use?

No, our face masks are not intended for medical use.