SSM96 High Filtration Efficiency Face Mask

Model: SSP80




Our SSM96 HFE face mask is designed to filter 96% of all airborne particles. Selecting the right face mask material is important for the comfort, fit, and function of fabric masks. Fabric masks are designed to cover the mouth and nose to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Fabric masks consist of three basic parts: 1) the mask body, 2) head ties or ear loops, and 3) a flexible nose piece.


How To Order

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Our HFE SSM96 face mask filters 96% of all airborne particles. The SSM96 is made from our own high-quality melt blown polypropylene. Sanctuary Systems uses a specialized method to produce a better material to filter airborne particles. Most importantly, our masks durable and effective, but they are also comfortable as well. In short, wearers feel safe and comfortable wearing the SSM96. Also, our masks are 100% made in the USA.


The SSM96, similar to the N95 face mask, is designed to fit securely and tightly to the face. The mask’s unique construction creates a dome shape over the mouth and nose for comfort. The mask stores away flat to take up less space, as a result. The SSM96 is a disposable face mask.


Caring for Your Mask

To care for your masks store in a cool dry area in its packaging. If you open a package of masks we recommend storing the unused masks in a plastic airtight container or bag. During the day you can remove the mask. It is best to store your mask in an area where it will not get contaminated or contaminate something else. A used mask is a bio-hazard, it could contain virus particles or other airborne particles. Do not store used face masks with your unused facemasks. Replace a damaged mask.


First, the right material adds to the comfort, fit, and function of a mask. Secondly, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 the mask fits tightly around the nose and mouth. Fabric masks consist of three basic parts. Most important, is the mask body. Then, the head ties or ear loops. Lastly, is a flexible nose piece. Overseas manufacturers use low-quality materials in their face masks. Any search for face masks on Amazon and you’ll find these low-quality masks.


  • Powered by Spungreen Solutions
  • PFE of 96%
  • Quantity 50 – 5 Packs of 10
  • Not FDA Approved and Not Intended for Medical Use
  • Made in the USA
Additional Information

Melt blown polypropylene, elastic, metal






8 oz