When doctors started experiencing a PPE shortage,

this doctor began making
face masks in the USA.

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Mac Barnes, MD, and Co-Founder,
Sanctuary Systems

After COVID-19 struck,

Mac Barnes, MD, devoted 100% of his company’s production capacity to face mask manufacturing.

Mac Barnes, MD, Co-Founder of Sanctuary Systems and Founding Partner of the Montgomery Cancer Center (MCC), was on the frontline when the first COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the US, and the PPE shortage became dire. At that point, Dr. Barnes made the strategic decision to shift production to face masks exclusively.

The quality standards of a mask
maker with roots in academia.

Sanctuary Systems is a spinoff of North Carolina State University's Nonwovens Institute. Our medical-grade masks are rigorously tested in independent laboratories and manufactured using an advanced Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure high Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE), fit, and, yes, breathability. We invite customers to view our test reports and tour our plant.

With Sanctuary Systems face masks, you get:

Particle Filtration
Efficiency >95%

Breatheze technology
and comfort

Testing by accredited
third parties

Double nose wire and
elastic ear band

Formaldehyde- and
lead-free products

Masks made in an
FDA-registered plant

Choose from these face masks.

Breatheze KN95 3D
Face Mask



Breatheze 4-Ply, Level 3
Medical Isolation Mask



Breatheze KN95
Face Mask



Face masks made in the USA by a team that cares.

Breatheze face masks are proudly manufactured by Sanctuary Systems in Fremont, North Carolina, in our FDA-registered plant (#3019358595). By choosing Sanctuary Systems, you contribute to good-paying US manufacturing jobs and strengthen the domestic supply chain for PPE. Our entire team is committed to making a positive impact on everyone we serve. We look forward to serving you.

Wholesale masks designed
for safety and reliability