Melt-Blown Polypropylene Materials




At Sanctuary Systems, we know people need face masks that satisfy three main requirements: high quality, effectiveness, and comfort.

Leveraging a unique material known as melt-blown polypropylene, we’ve met these requirements. Melt-blown polypropylene fabric is a non-woven fabric created by melting the fibers of polypropylene plastic. Our manufacturing process, known as calendar bonding, creates low porosity in our melt-blown polypropylene materials that blocks up to 90% of airborne particles, organisms, and viruses. This makes them ideal to use in face masks. They’re more effective than lower-quality materials made by other manufacturers. Because melt-blown polypropylene is extremely thin and softer than spunbond polypropylene, they’re also more comfortable. Talk about quality, effectiveness, and comfort all packed into one fabric!
Our melt-blown polypropylene materials are durable and reusable. Made by applying pressure that forces the polymer into tiny holes, these materials can withstand wear and tear for long periods. This means you can wash them multiple times without diminishing their quality. Wearers save on costs and buyers increase their return-on-investment (ROI) — a win-win.

At Sanctuary Systems, we take pride in the materials we make.

100% Made in
the USA

We Care Deeply About
the Environment

Spungreen™ Label
Environmentally-Friendly Product

We’ve gone to great lengths with our business partners and employees to reduce our electrical consumption, lower waste, recycle materials, and source raw materials from other like-minded companies. The procedures and guidelines we follow lower pollution and consumption of natural resources. Our newest product label, SpunGreen™, is featured on our environmentally-friendly products, including those made with our melt-blown polypropylene materials.

Features of Sanctuary Systems’ materials:

Effective at Filtering

Filters up to 90% of airborne particles,
organisms, and viruses

Optimal Comfort

Thinner and softer than
spunbond polypropylene

High quality

Non-woven fabric made by melting
the fibers of polypropylene plastic


Our fabrics are built to
withstand repeated use


Repeated washing does not
affect filtration properties


Our materials are made to be
reused and recycled.