Staple Fibers



NanoChannels describe what is created as a result of a unique fiber formation.  The channels created by the fibers offer performance properties needed in many end use applications.  NanoChannels provide capture zones that collect particles, ideal for filtration, acoustic and thermal applications.  The channels rapidly move moisture away from the surface for wipes and apparel applications.   For medical applications, the formation provides a unique delivery system for medicinal applications.


Tapered Fibers

Tapered in shape, these fibers are 3-5 micrometers wide and 200-300 nanometer thick and provide a larger than normal surface area.


Staple fiber production with precision cut length that range from 3mm (1/8‚ÄĚ) to 100mm (4‚ÄĚ)


Increments of 3mm lengths. Fiber can be mono or bicomponent formations.


Engineered fabric is synonymous with nonwoven fabrics. The great aspect nonwoven technology is that desired attributes can be designed into the fabric. Let us help you produce the ultimate product to meet your needs.

Project and Solutions

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